Same-Sex Marriage, Ongoing Debate

With President Obama’s recent support of same-sex marriage, much controversy and talk have surrounded this sensitive issue. And considering the elections are next month, many are curious as to what his support really means.

In an article  published May 9, 2012 from the Washington Post, Obama said he believes same-sex couples should be granted the right to marry which made him the first president in history to fully embrace that level of civil rights.

Many of the LGBTQ community embraced the Presidents support, given the feeling that there was finally someone on their side.

One response came from Andrew Sullivan, a well-known blogger who is gay and supports LGBT rights. He wrote a heartfelt article on The Dish and claimed Obama “let go of fear.”

Following such a historic stance taken by the President, the question now remains on how he will bring about this right , if elected. And if not elected, what will this mean for gay marriage rights?

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