El Debate Sobre el Matrimonio Homosexual

El debate sobre el matrimonio homosexual con la proposición 8 irrumpió de nuevo cuando el Presidente, Barack Obama, pidió a la Corte Supremo que revoque la prohibición de California sobre el matrimonio homosexual. La Casa Blanca presentó un escrito formal ante el Tribunal de Justicia en un esfuerzo por devolver el matrimonio gay en el estado.

Una reportera de CBS2/KCAL 9 en Los Angeles, Serene Branson, fue a West Hollywood para ver la reacción de ambos lados. Resultados: Prop 8Los partidarios del matrimonio gay están honrando al presidente por sus acciones. Al contrario, los partidarios de la Proposición 8, por supuesto, están diciendo que el gobierno federal no tiene derecho a entrometerse en algo que dicen los Estados deben decidir. Esto seguirá siendo una cuestión de los derechos humanos.



Presidential Debate 2012

On october 3, 2012 President Barack Obama and republican candidate Governor Mitt Romney gave Americans arguably one of the most memorable debates since Nickson and Kennedy. This debate was frustrating to watch as the republican candidate retracted every policy he pitched throughout his entire campaign and even borrowed some of Obama’s anecdotal style from his 2008 campaign. The American people were given a completely different Romney and a frustrated Obama. Americans all over the country stared at the screen in disbelief as the president seems swallowed by all of Romney’s lies. Political analysts criticized the president for being too laid back and not attacking his opponent on the spot for his discredited statements. Romney had been praised for being a great debater in the past, and in the past we have witnessed Obama’s weakness in debating, but Obama choosing not to attack Romney does not necessarily mean that he was weak and uninterested. Obama choosing not to engage and entertain Romney’s sudden “change” in his policy views. Romney successfully showed America that if he is elected, once he is in power he will have no problem doing one thing even though he said another in order to win a debate. A clear insult to the intelligence of the American people but at the same time showed our president in a very defeated light. The Vice Presidential debate will air tomorrow, October 11, it will be interesting to see how Republican candidate Paul Ryan backs up all those empty promises Romney made and still sustain the experienced wise cracking vice president Joe Biden.

Watch the debate in its entirety here:


Rubio appeals Latino Votes for Romney

An article on the LA Times talks about how Mitt Romney’s appearance with Marco Rubio and this has interested more Latinos. The appearance by Rubio resulted in many cheers and applauds by the audience. A key concern for many Latino voters is the immigration topic, and Romney approached the issue that immigrants could be “a model” for the nation. Both Rubio and Romney work closely with the Dream Act and the issue of immigration is raising a lot of interest and potential votes from the Latino community. It is a known fact that Republicans have been consistently losing ground to Democrats among Latinos. The Fox poll was interesting regarding the votes and that 70% of Latino voters were with Obama and only 14% supported Romney. It is said that most of the Latinos that voted for Obama in the last election will vote for him again. It is interesting to me that political parties will aim so high with the Latino communities to gain their votes yet at the end of the day, not much is done for them in the long run. I thought it was ironic that Romney said his father was born in Mexico. I just feel like most of this is all done to gain votes and gain attention.

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