Wal-Mart Workers Unite

 Wal-Mart warehouse employees all across the country have been marching to protest labor abuses that go undocumented by the retail giant. Wal-Mart is arguably the most dominant discount store out there, they surely rake in enough money to provide their employees with adequate healthcare, and at the very least humane working conditions. Although Wal-Mart officials say they do routine checks of all warehouses in the United States and even the ones in China, American workers are speaking out in an unofficial union style protest to have their demands met. In the past two weeks, Wal-Mart workers in Southern California marched from the Inland Empire to Los Angeles in scorching heat just to have their voice heard. It is a shame that respectable employees have to go to these extremes just to voice their concerns, but this the reality for the Wal-Mart employees we encounter in our daily lives. About a week ago, right on the heels of the Inland empire march nicknamed “WalMarch” another group in Chicago, Illinois of about 30 Wal-Mart warehouse workers walked off the job. Maybe the California workers have started something that will revolutionize the way that Wal-Mart treats its employees and this fight will change the conditions for good.

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