L.A.’s battle with Medical Marijuana Regulation

Reported on October 3, 2012 the Los Angeles City Council repealed its ban on medical marijuana stores. This decision was unanimous and was immediately challenged by other council members, saying that the city needs to make up for state law inadequacies. The problem boils down to regulation, and whether there is a serious need for the drug. Well it has been medically proven to treat many diseases and for many patients, medical marijuana is a lifeline. Taking away their access could mean sentencing thousands of people to a life filled with pain and certain death. Medical marijuana has been proven to help people cope with some of our worst diseases including cancer, brain disease, and HIV. See a full list of diseases and disorders that can be treated with medical marijuana HERE. It is also affordable and accessible and does makes life livable for people who have to undergo regular treatments for these diseases. Marijuana also treats disorders like depression and bi-polar disorder, this saves many families and lives and could possibly change a person who’s mental state was medically diagnosed to that of a person who can be a productive member in society. Now the problem is regulating the product from those who need its medicinal benefits and those who abuse it for recreational use. Although marijuana is still illegal (to those not medically authorized to use the drug), it is safe to say in California it has been decriminalized, and as of now no clear direction has been established as to where this is going, so the pot shops remain open in L.A. for now.