American Beef

As adults in this country, we live a fast paced busy life so fast food seems like a necessity. Even the food we buy from the grocery stores, we are often searching for a quick way to feed ourselves and our families. We are also aware that in order to meet the demand for meat in this country and all around the world, slaughterhouses are an unfortunate necessity as well. But a California cow slaughterhouse came under fire by animal rights activist when a video was released exposing the abuse and torture of cows on their way to be slaughtered. Although the plant was originally shut down as a result of this video being released, just six days later they were allowed to reopen. Claiming to have performed “corrective actions.” But I’m pretty sure its because Americans need their beef. The video is horrifying and makes you question what kind of conditions the beef we are being fed is in before it reaches our plates. Cows being treated this way, fed other animal parts and slop surely affect the quality of meat that we consume. But the federal government is more concerned with meeting the demand of cow products rather then the quality of the product itself.

Central Valley Slaughterhouse report

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