El Debate Sobre el Matrimonio Homosexual

El debate sobre el matrimonio homosexual con la proposición 8 irrumpió de nuevo cuando el Presidente, Barack Obama, pidió a la Corte Supremo que revoque la prohibición de California sobre el matrimonio homosexual. La Casa Blanca presentó un escrito formal ante el Tribunal de Justicia en un esfuerzo por devolver el matrimonio gay en el estado.

Una reportera de CBS2/KCAL 9 en Los Angeles, Serene Branson, fue a West Hollywood para ver la reacción de ambos lados. Resultados: Prop 8Los partidarios del matrimonio gay están honrando al presidente por sus acciones. Al contrario, los partidarios de la Proposición 8, por supuesto, están diciendo que el gobierno federal no tiene derecho a entrometerse en algo que dicen los Estados deben decidir. Esto seguirá siendo una cuestión de los derechos humanos.



El sacrificio de niños en Uganda


Por: Jessica Rivera

Hace muy poco, leí un articulo por el periodista Chris Rogers para las notícias de BBC sobre el sacrificio de niños en Uganda. De acuerdo con el articulo, el sacrificio de niños es un ritual que algunos creen que trae abundancia y buena salud. Esta practica no era tan conocida en el país, hasta hace unos tres años atras. Los que creen en la practica creen que el ritual ayuda a la economía del país. Muchos creen que los miembros de la nueva élite del país están pagando brujos grandes sumas de dinero para los sacrificios, en un intento de aumentar su riqueza. Esto es lo que el reportero llamo como un negocío de sacrificio.

Los cuerpos mutilados de los niños han sido descubiertos en las carreteras; víctimas de una creencia aparentemente creciente en el poder del sacrificio humano.

La policía no ha sido una gran ayuda en estos casos por razones no dichas, pero de acuerdo con las cifras oficiales de la policía, hubo un caso de sacrificio de niños en 2006 y en 2008 la policía dice que investigaron 25 supuestos asesinatos rituales, y en 2009, otros 29.

El grupo de sacrificio policíaco anti-humano puso en marcha en respuesta al número creciente de sacrificios, que la tasa de asesinato ritual se ha ralentizado, citando una cifra de 38 casos desde 2006, pero muchas personas dicen que hay muchos casos más.

Se dice en un informe que el número real de casos está en los cientos, y se cobra más de 900 casos que aún no han sido investigados por la policía debido a la corrupción y la falta de recursos.

El negocio de sacrificar niños es una tristesa. Uno piensa que estando en el siglo 21 estas cosas no existen pero la realidad es otra. ¿Como parar una algo hací que termine de ocurrir? ¿Por qué sigue sucediendo, y quien está detras de los sucesos?

Los niños que sobreviven los crimines testifican contra sus atacadores, pero las autoridades no creen que las voces de los niños son validas. Los niños no tienen voz. ¿Que acciones deben de tomarse para cambiar este fenomeno?

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L.A.’s battle with Medical Marijuana Regulation

Reported on October 3, 2012 the Los Angeles City Council repealed its ban on medical marijuana stores. This decision was unanimous and was immediately challenged by other council members, saying that the city needs to make up for state law inadequacies. The problem boils down to regulation, and whether there is a serious need for the drug. Well it has been medically proven to treat many diseases and for many patients, medical marijuana is a lifeline. Taking away their access could mean sentencing thousands of people to a life filled with pain and certain death. Medical marijuana has been proven to help people cope with some of our worst diseases including cancer, brain disease, and HIV. See a full list of diseases and disorders that can be treated with medical marijuana HERE. It is also affordable and accessible and does makes life livable for people who have to undergo regular treatments for these diseases. Marijuana also treats disorders like depression and bi-polar disorder, this saves many families and lives and could possibly change a person who’s mental state was medically diagnosed to that of a person who can be a productive member in society. Now the problem is regulating the product from those who need its medicinal benefits and those who abuse it for recreational use. Although marijuana is still illegal (to those not medically authorized to use the drug), it is safe to say in California it has been decriminalized, and as of now no clear direction has been established as to where this is going, so the pot shops remain open in L.A. for now.

Wal-Mart Workers Unite

 Wal-Mart warehouse employees all across the country have been marching to protest labor abuses that go undocumented by the retail giant. Wal-Mart is arguably the most dominant discount store out there, they surely rake in enough money to provide their employees with adequate healthcare, and at the very least humane working conditions. Although Wal-Mart officials say they do routine checks of all warehouses in the United States and even the ones in China, American workers are speaking out in an unofficial union style protest to have their demands met. In the past two weeks, Wal-Mart workers in Southern California marched from the Inland Empire to Los Angeles in scorching heat just to have their voice heard. It is a shame that respectable employees have to go to these extremes just to voice their concerns, but this the reality for the Wal-Mart employees we encounter in our daily lives. About a week ago, right on the heels of the Inland empire march nicknamed “WalMarch” another group in Chicago, Illinois of about 30 Wal-Mart warehouse workers walked off the job. Maybe the California workers have started something that will revolutionize the way that Wal-Mart treats its employees and this fight will change the conditions for good.

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Ex-Offenders: Your vote counts.

In this country, we all are well aware that we have one of the highest prison populations in the world. Even after an offender is released, he or she in many cases is still under some kind of control by the state for some period of time. Even after that time period, an ex-offender will face economic, emotional, and social challenges for many years after being released. This leads to another discussion about the “rehabilitation” that these inmates receive, but that is a subject all on its own. When inmates are released, even after they have “paid their debt to society” their civil rights are taken away from them. In many states they are stripped of their right to vote. Sounds like something out of the civil rights movement in the 60s, but it is happening today to those who have (or may not have) committed crimes considered redeemable by the court of law. But there are many myths to this and it is important that ex-offenders research before they write themselves off as unable to vote. The laws vary by state, and unfortunately in some states you have to petition in order to restore your voting rights after release. But most states only require re-registering. In some states your voting rights may even be retained during incarceration.

Click HERE to see what the laws in your state are.  HERE is a guide for formerly incarcerated Californians.

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American Beef

As adults in this country, we live a fast paced busy life so fast food seems like a necessity. Even the food we buy from the grocery stores, we are often searching for a quick way to feed ourselves and our families. We are also aware that in order to meet the demand for meat in this country and all around the world, slaughterhouses are an unfortunate necessity as well. But a California cow slaughterhouse came under fire by animal rights activist when a video was released exposing the abuse and torture of cows on their way to be slaughtered. Although the plant was originally shut down as a result of this video being released, just six days later they were allowed to reopen. Claiming to have performed “corrective actions.” But I’m pretty sure its because Americans need their beef. The video is horrifying and makes you question what kind of conditions the beef we are being fed is in before it reaches our plates. Cows being treated this way, fed other animal parts and slop surely affect the quality of meat that we consume. But the federal government is more concerned with meeting the demand of cow products rather then the quality of the product itself.

Central Valley Slaughterhouse report

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